Incident Command Software designed and built by the Emergency Services for the Emergency Services

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Software designed by the UK Emergency Services

The software’s development steering group consisted of 12 UK Fire and Rescue Services and 1 UK Police force. Over 18 months this steering group contributed and challenged one another to ensure that our Incident Command Software enabled Incident Command Compliance, aligned with the National Operational Guidance & UK joint decision making model.

No software, other than our ICS, has had this level of assurance that it is fit for purpose, driven by actual incident command practitioners.


Incident Command Compliance

Command Solutions Incident Command Software (ICS) facilitates incident command compliance. Our ICS dramatically improves situational awareness, decision support and logging to the whole command chain through a live Common Operational Picture.


National Operational Guidance

Our ICS has been designed to help your incident commanders align to national operational guidance. Our ICS significantly strengthens collaboration between all personnel and agencies involved in each incident.

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Joint Decision Making

The communication platform our ICS is built on has been purpose built to support the UK Home Office Joint Decision Making Model (JDM). Along with a commander’s personal experience and knowledge of a given situation, our software is designed to help commanders make effective decisions together.

Think Different.



Command Solutions Incident Command Software provides a range of modules which can be used together to create a complete solution for all types of incidents. It also has a number of unique features which make it stand out from other solutions available.


Offline capability

Command Solutions ICS is designed to work offline. If you lose internet connectivity, the system will continue to operate and compile data for when connectivity is restored.



With integrated use of Google Maps, our platform provides your teams the tools to plan with more detail, be able to highlight and view areas specific to your project and bring in additional resources.


Risk Assessments

ARAs are used to calculate and record information about the incident.


Shuttle Feature

With our unique 'Time Shuttle' feature, you can view a specific point of an incident along its timeline. Allowing you to review decisions made at that point. This is incredibly useful during incident handovers. It allows you to see how decisions made earlier have affected the situation.


Decision Log

Decision Logs are an essential part of any incident procedure. They allow us to see exactly where we are at any given time during an incident and why we got there.


API Integration

We provide our customers with an easy way to integrate their existing data sources into our system. The customer’s data is ran through our API integrations. This allows us to provide a seamless user experience by bringing all of your data together in one place.


Casualty Management

Casualty management is an important part of the fire and rescue service’s role. Our ICS allows you to record casualties efficiently and effectively.


Share Feature

With our instant capture Share feature you have the ability to reproduce and forward screenshots of your current page to any external partners or other individuals involved in an incident.


Highly Configurable

Our ICS is designed to be highly configurable out of box with the aim of maximising information generation, minimising incident response time, and raising the efficiency of you and the workforce.



We here at Command Solutions offer our clients a FREE 30 Day Trial Version of our platform. This allows you to test out the various sections of the platform with no obligation whatsoever.


Tactical Planning Board

Planning board is an integrated part of the ICS suite which allows users to plan projects more effectively. It includes many features such as shape annotations, text annotations, drawing and freehand annotations.


Free 30 Day Trial

Post a demonstration we are happy to provide a 30 Day FREE trial - so you can assess the software – no obligation to purchase!

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