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Command Solutions - Incident Command Software (ICS), is the world's most easy to use, cost effective and comprehensive incident command software, designed by the emergency services, for the emergency services.

In addition to fire brigades, police forces and ambulance services, ICS can also be used by airports, ports, civil defence forces, transport authorities, oil, gas, power and chemical operators.

Our ICS dramatically improves situational awareness, decision support and logging to the whole command chain through a live Common Operational Picture, ICS significantly strengthens collaboration between all personnel and agencies involved in each incident.

Its intuitive graphical user interface, which automatically records the history of all information entered by all incident participants accessing the software. ICS delivers a single electronic portal for all incident information – including;

Drag-and-drop Organisational Chart builder; See who is in attendance, build your chain of command (API allows connectivity to your existing MOBS, CAD, AVLS)

Tactical Planning Board; Build your strategy, tactical priorities and operational actions as a tree diagram. Re-prioritise in an instant by dragging and dropping.

Digital Whiteboard Planning Board; Drawyour overall plan, sector plans. Import Google Maps and Street View, then Annotate over them to convey what you need

Casualty Management; track and manage public and res-ponder safety

System Activity Log; capturing all activity performed by all users in real-time, review what information was available at any moment in the past using our unique ‘time shuttle’ (patent pending). Supports critical analysis by services operational assurance function.

Decision Log; record text, audio or video decisions

SOPs; Access and manage a library of your own standard operating procedures

Document Manager; Upload any file type, including scans of any paper information provided on scene

Map; See your risk data over google earth, search for an address, or upload any key location information, such as hydrants, CCTV camera locations, flood maps etc.

External Sources; Connect to other live information feeds, including CCTV, eye in the sky, IP cams, or Drone feeds, weather

ICS integration with your other software systems - Data can also be imported from other systems, such as control room mobs, and exported from within ICS to other information stores, such as the UK's National Resilience Extranet.

If communications are lost during an incident, the system can still be used to manage the incident. As soon as communications have been restored, the most up-to-date incident data is automatically shared across all other devices logged into the incident.

ICS also shares the same information with multiple users, but with the added benefit that each user can look at a different part of the Common Operational Picture at the same time, providing the view that is most appropriate to their task. There is no other incident command software that can deliver this level of support, to anyone who requires it no matter what size of incident.

Time Shuttle allows the user to slide a time bar backwards and forwards to load how incident information looked at a given point in time – particularly useful for Incident Commanders taking responsibility for an incident, during handover with the incumbent commander they can go back and review all information to understand how the current situation was reached.

Decision Support ICS provides a unique suite of decision support tools, unavailable in any other solution on the market - including Atmospheric Gas Release Modelling, Explosion Modelling, Thermal Radiation Modelling & Water Requirement Calculator and a host of others real world benefit operational support tools.

In addition;

ICS supports all Decision Action cycles through a soft workflow model of your choosing, by default this is set to correspond with UK Home Office Joint Decision Making (JDM) model. The software provides the user with a visual aide memoire on the main screen, each of the data points within the software’s modules can be set to be colour-coded to the relevant stage of an organisation’s response process.

ICS is an intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface, which requires little to no training to be able to use. The software is responsive, meaning it automatically scales for touch optimisation, allowing responders and commanders to interact with any module on any device, from hand-held device such as smartphones and tablets, through to touch enabled large screen, as well as your traditional workstation.

ICS is equally valuable for both routine response and for major events and incidents, as well as being entirely scalable to support multi-agency or multi-national response to natural disasters.

ICS recognises that sharing a Common Operational Picture does not mean that everyone needs to look at the same part of the software at the same time. The Command Support System™ enables commanders to view the incident data from their own perspective: a strategic commander can view data across the entire area of operation; an incident commander can choose to only view the response structure.

ICS is designed to prevent information overload, intuitively showing what information is most required depending how the user is interacting with the software’s screens. Key features can be switched on or off depending on what the user wishes to see, or determined by the permissions granted via your organisations IT administrators.

For organisations who must manage multiple incidents or events, or who may be faced with multi-location based incidents, there is ICS Strategic Overview built directly in to the software. This feature of the software’s architecture allows multiple incidents to exist in parallel at the same time - strategic commanders and control room staff can view all ongoing incidents across their organisational or geographical area of operation on a single screen, as well as a continually updated summary of all assets and personnel deployed across all active incidents.

Built for the emergency services, by the emergency services

Command solutions is co-owned by CFB Risk Management, the community interest company and commercial trading arm of Cleveland Fire Brigade, a UK fire and rescue service.

CFB Risk Management is part of the CFB Group which has a proven track record of protecting one of Europe’s largest clusters of high hazard industry for over 50 years and is regarded as one of the highest performing and most innovative industrial asset protection providers in the United Kingdom.

CFB Risk Management provides high-quality services through outsourcing contracts tailored specifically to customer requirements. CFB Risk Management provides a high–quality, cost-effective integrated emergency management system, enabling customers to focus on their strategic goals and core competencies, while relying on the services provided by a dedicated Asset Protection specialist.

We are your trusted partner in Asset Protection services and you can rest assured that we will take care of your organisation in a responsible and progressive way.

It is our vision to become an internationally renowned risk management company, providing high quality bespoke asset protection services to high hazard industrial sites, protecting business assets; people, environment, plant and reputation.

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Command Solutions proud to participate in ESS 2017 as guests of Excelerate

Command Solutions took part as a technology partner on Excelerate’s stand at this years Emergency Services Show.

More about Excelerate…

Leaders in our field – pioneering resilient mobile communications

We developed, installed and now support the most comprehensively equipped, and technologically advanced emergency response vehicles in the world.

Excelerate pioneered the concept of rapidly deployable, totally independent and resilient broadband via satellite, which now supports a broad range of applications in emergency incident management.

Being the only provider within the UK – and perhaps globally – to operate a privately managed network dedicated to emergency response with enhanced resilience, our innovative solutions have changed the way emergency command & control operations respond to major incidents.

On a daily basis our team share and deploy their know how and skills globally, because we have been invited to do so; demonstrating that few companies in the world can do what we do, in the way that we do it.

With our market focus and commitment to making technology useful and accessible to users, we have successfully introduced innovative solutions that are now in everyday use.

Simon Hill, Technical DirectorExcelerate Group

Our in-house R&D team have developed market-leading products that are completely unique to us, including:

  • DDMI (Digital Dashboard Management Interface) – an easy-to-use operating system built for the emergency services combining all communications systems and solutions into one seamless interface.
  • Sherpa – the world’s first and only automatic pole climbing camera and communications system. A truly rapidly deployable solution that is being used globally to deliver CCTV and video capabilities, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and other communications requirements.
  • Reflex – an innovative, vehicle mounted satellite communications solution, featuring a compact, lightweight, roof mounted communications pod. Developed for primary response vehicles, the on-board rapidly deployable communications enable operators to monitor and manage incidents from within the scene.
  • Portable Command Pod – a portable central communications hub solution that enables users to rapidly deploy a resilient data network on demand.

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Developed in conjunction with IAMTech

About IAMTech

Technology with real world purpose

We are domain experts in the blue light, emergency response sector, with a proven history in developing fit for purpose software for both public sector and private emergency services.

We also offer the world’s largest suite of industrial asset management software applications, divided in to four key categories; maintenance, risk, safety & hazard management.

We don't just build our technology for use in the enterprise or on a desktop – we are experts in the mobile space, enabling real-time on-site data capture, increasing your operational awareness.

Our engineers are readily available to undertake bespoke agile software projects, enabling your workflows to be made readily available on intrinsically safe mobile computing platforms through to management dashboards in your control rooms and boardrooms.

We are experts in RFID systems that enable you to tag all of your plant equipment for a complete asset register.


We are proud of our enviable client list and that our software products are utilised in 23 countries around the world.

We strive to continually build long-standing, transparent relationships with our clients, who we consider partners. Integrity is not just something on a values poster! We ensure all of our partners always have the best from us, the best systems, the best service, the best value.

When you choose to do business with IAMTech, you'll benefit from our years of empirical experience in your field. We know your pain – because we felt that pain when we were sitting in your chair as employees of oil, gas, chemical and power asset operators. Now we are here to help you! What are you waiting for?


Founded in 1973, IAMTech (a CPD Limited Company) started life as industrial plant model makers and over the last 40 years have grown into a leading hub for the development of innovative technology solutions for the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power industries.

The majority of our workforce have previously worked within industry (for the likes of Huntsman, DuPont, ICI, Enron, SABIC, Sembcorp and Uniqema) prior to joining IAMTech. This first-hand knowledge has allowed IAMTech to develop technology solutions that will help you deliver the processes required to effectively run your assets.

Combining this first-hand industry experience with our ever-growing partnerships with world-leading industrial organisations enables IAMTech to understand the technology needs of industry. Using this position as our foundation has enabled us to build our impressive portfolio of products and services, available to you the same day you place an order.

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